Jewellery maker turns AirPods into cool earrings so they never get lost


Jewellery maker turns AirPods into cool earrings so they never get lost

The creative earrings that solve the problem of lost wireless headphones are now being sold for $20 (around £15) each.

(Gabrielle Reilly)
(Gabrielle Reilly)

Always losing your wireless headphones? Paralegal Gabrielle Reilly has created a fun solution that will ensure your AirPods don’t go missing.

AirPod earrings, or AirRings, hold your wireless headphones from your ears to catch them if they fall out, and are now on sale for $20 (around £15) each.

Reilly said that the AirPod holders were a solution to stop the common worry of wireless headphones going missing. As to why wireless headphones were a necessity in the first place? A cheeky cat chewed through all of the wired ones.

(Gabrielle Reilly)

Reilly, from Virginia, USA, said: “I initially had a necklace that attached the AirPods together. So I thought why not make earrings too? It was mostly a joke but it turned out to be very functional and practical.

“I wanted AirPods because my cat had eaten through all my wired earphones, but I’m very scared about losing them so I needed something to hold them just in case they fell out.

“I’m really glad I did because I was on a bus to New York and I fell asleep, when I woke up my AirPods had fallen out of my ears and were thankfully attached to the earrings still.”

(Gabrielle Reilly)

Reilly noted that it’s possible to remove the headphones from the earrings so they can be stored away in their packet.

The earrings are also customisable with different charms.

Reilly’s earrings don’t come with AirPods themselves, however, those you’ll have to splash out on separately.


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