Two MEPs will be ‘put on ice’ if Brexit delayed


Two MEPs will be ‘put on ice’ if Brexit delayed


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The Government will today decide how best to select which two MEPs will be put “on ice” if Britain delays its exit from the EU and contests the European election.

The UK’s departure from the EU means Ireland gains an extra seat in both the Dublin and Ireland South constituencies after the UK’s seats in the European Parliament are redistributed.

However, if Brexit is delayed, the UK would have to elect MEPs to the parliament, which would leave the additional seats redundant until the UK officially leaves the EU.

With a delay looking more likely than ever, the Cabinet will today discuss a series of options on how to select which MEP would be delayed from taking up their seat. The question of whether these two MEPs will be paid also needs to be ironed out.

One of the options being considered is that the last two people elected in each constituency would have to delay taking up their seats.

It is understood the preferred option will have to meet a stringent stress-testing process as the Government expects a legal challenge to be taken if it is forced to pursue this option in the event of a Brexit delay.

Candidates across parties have been announcing their intention to bid for a place on the ballot paper.

Already, one sitting minister and a number of former ministers have thrown their hat into the ring.


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